Doula Services


Hello! I am Kathleen Garcia. I am a Certified (SBD) Doula; Labor, Postpartum (breast-feeding support), Specializing in Bereavement/Loss, Rainbow Babies, NICU, Adoption, Surrogacy, Birth Trauma, & C-Section. I welcome LGBT families, teen mothers and single parents. I have been working as a labor doula since 1997. 

Every birth is a unique and intimate experience. I am honored each and every time I am welcomed into a client’s birth space. I am available to support my client prenatally, labor, delivery & beyond.

I am here to support you in YOUR birth of choice! I support all types of birthing.

Postpartum; I am able to help answer any breastfeeding questions or concerns. I will also be able to answer general questions about your newborn, babywearing & cloth diapering questions.

For Postpartum Doula Services Please see Postpartum page.

For Bereavement Doula Services Please see Bereavement page.

For Babywearing Services Please see Babywearing page.

I work in Staten Island, many parts of NJ, Manhattan, & Brooklyn. If you are interested and you do not see your area covered contact me either I will help you find a doula in your area or make an exception!



I am rebozo certified! At our prenatal visits I will show you how you and your partner can incorporate the use of a rebozo during your labor and delivery.




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