Mama’s “Go To” Salve

Version 2

Mama’s “Go To” Salve, is the true meaning of all purpose. It is my “Go To” salve! My whole family uses the salve including my toddler & baby. I even carry one in my diaper bag for on the go situations. It does wonders on my dry chapped winter hands. It has helped with cuts, scrapes & minor burns. It eases coughs & congestion. It works wonders for sleep. The list goes on!!!! A little goes a long way. All I want to do is to be able to share this amazing salve that I make with other mommies! I hope this will soon be your “Go To” salve. If you have any questions or would like to purchase Mama’s “Go To” Salve please feel free to email me


*EVOO is filled with antioxidants and vitamins A&E. It moisturizes and protects the skin along with other natural properties.

*Lavender has natural antibacterial properties, natural anti-inflammatory properties, natural analgesic, natural anti-histamine along with other natural properties.

*Frankincense is a natural anti-inflammatory, a natural immune stimulant, along with other natural properties.

*Beeswax is a natural soother, softener, and it helps the skin to retain moisture.

Anyone that has bee allergies should avoid beeswax

*Disclaimer* This information has not been evaluated by the FDA; I do NOT claim to cure or heal any disease or ailment. I am not a medical professional. Always test on a small patch of skin. I cannot guarantee that a reaction will not occur. I cannot guarantee that it will work on all the uses listed. Kathleen Garcia will not be held liable if a reaction were to occur. Every ingredient used to make the salve is listed. I use the highest quality ingredients. For your health and safety please research and educate yourself before deciding on whether to use this product.Pregnant, nursing mothers or anyone under a physicians care please consult with your medical provider.