After first contact we met for over an hour at a local spot. She went over what her duties would be but focused more on what I wanted in my birth plan. She asked about my previous labor experience and pregnancy. Kathleen seemed very concerned that I got to have the birth that I want, if it was medically possible. She handed me a sheet regarding other questions she had about what I am looking for in a doula as well as my previous experiences. Kathleen kept in contact with me in the weeks to come, asking me how I was doing and if I needed her for anything. She was very attentive to my needs. I happen to have a few false labors and had I called her to come, she would have come to all of them. When the moment did come and I needed her, she was on call for me. I happen to go into labor about 10:30pm and new it would be a long night for all of us. She was at my chosen hospital, RUMC, very quickly and didn’t leave my side. Not even when I had some complications after giving birth. I highly recommend Kathleen as a doula for numerous reasons. Most of all, is because she really cared about me and all aspects of my pregnancy and birth.



Kathleen was there for me for the birth of my first child. She was available to me anytime I had questions or concerns. She was very supportive of my choices. She was a huge help to me during my labor and birth of my son. I had a very positive experience with Kathleen as my doula. A year later I had my second child and I called Kathleen immediately to make sure she would be available for me. I had another wonderful experience with Kathleen as my doula. She is caring, supportive and never left my side. She is very knowledgeable.



Kathleen Garcia is my personal lactation savior! When my first son was just over 2 weeks old I was ready to give up nursing. Feeling overwhelmed and defeated, Kathleen came to my rescue and I was renewed in my efforts due to her patience and warmth. I went on to nurse him until he was 6 and a half months old. With my second, I again began to feel overwhelmed and nervous. I had a 23 month old that was full of energy and now a newborn! I was scared, nervous, and battling some baby blues. Kathleen again, came to my rescue. I have continued to successfully nurse my newest addition to this day. We are just over 8 months old and I am so grateful that Kathleen encouraged this relationship with my little guy. Kind, soothing, understanding, combined with an “I have been there” sympathy, are only a few of the many reasons I adore Kathleen and all of the help she has given me!



Kathleen was a tremendous support to me. After we brought our son home, she met me in my home and assisted me in using a supplemental nursing system to breastfeed my 4 day old baby. She was supportive throughout the first few months face-to-face and via phone and facebook. Compassionate, kind and knowledgeable, Kathleen is focused on caring for her clients.



Although baby wearing isn’t something my little one enjoyed as a baby, she did ask to be worn as she got older. Kathleen was able to make the impossibility of wearing my 35+ pound toddler a reality. Her gentleness and soft spoken encouragement made the daunting and scary back carry so simplistic that we both now look forward to our “snug back cuddles” — to quote my 3 year old. Thank you Kathleen for sharing all your expertise!

— Jennifer and Josey