Nursing Room at Liberty Science Center Follow up



*****FOLLOW UP POST****Last time I visited the Liberty Science Center in December 2014 I was very unhappy when I saw the condition of what was supposed to be the “Nursing Mother’s Room”. I reached out to LSC and was put in touch with Mary Meluso of Public Relations. I explained everything I felt was wrong with the nursing mothers room & few days later Mary asked if I would help give feedback and ideas for the plan for the new space. After 8 months, I am very happy to say that Mary & the LSC team have completed the renovation of the Nursing Mother’s Room!! Today I was invited by Mary to visit the LSC and to see my ideas transformed into reality! I also had the pleasure of meeting with Bryan Blaney Director of Guest Experience. He was instrumental as well in making this happen. The room has been transformed with a very inviting animal / forest themed wall covering that surrounds the space. A plush rug adds to the warm vibe felt in the cozy spot. Gone is the toilet – thankfully! An ergonomically placed shelf has been added for moms who are pumping, as well as a new handy outlet! There is a comfy nursing chair. A thoughtful toy has been mounted on the wall for siblings of nurslings to use while they wait for mom to feed the baby. A sink, soap dispenser, changing table and automatic paper towel dispenser round out the space. I am so pleased by the decisive action taken & the overall commitment of LSC to the nursing and pumping mothers amongst their visitors. Way to Go – Mary, Bryan & Liberty Science Center Team!!!
Here is the before and after!!!